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Tell Your Local Public Officials to Support Increased Leash Law Enforcement in the GGNRA

03/09/2016 16:01:36
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Leash laws and enclosed off-leash play areas are essential safeguards for us all.

The National Park Service has recently proposed a new rule for pet management in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area- a rule which has been 14 years in the making. The proposed rule isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the direction of providing balanced access to all park visitors- dog walkers and wildlife included- in San Mateo, San Francisco, and Marin Counties.

The proposed rule is an important milestone in creating a better park experience for all because it helps ensure that our off-leash areas are safe by enclosing them with a physical barrier, and enforces leash laws vigorously outside of these designated areas. Off-leash dogs have been injured, and have caused harm, at high rates in San Francisco because our off-leash dog play areas are unsafe, and because leash laws have not been enforced in any meaningful way.

We all love our dogs. The question is do we love each other enough to recognize that how we allow our dogs to behave can have negative impacts on other people— not to mention the wildlife that find their last refuge in the City. San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang has proposed a resolution demanding the National Park Service abandon the equitable principles that have guided the GGNRA for 40 years, and instead manage these lands as a federally subsidized dog park for her constituents. This anti-national park resolution— which is similar to Supervisor Scott Wiener’s 2013 resolution in its lack of merit and disparaging tone— is an affront to all of us who revere the values the National Park System, which is frequently called “America’s Best Idea”. Please make your voice heard by urging public officials such as Scott Wiener and Katy Tang to stop condemning our national parks and to support the proposed rule for dog management.

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Tell Mayor Lee You Support Restoring Sharp Park!!!

03/25/2013 10:49:25
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In 2011, San Francisco took an important step towards a healthy and sustainable future for Sharp Park. The Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance that directs the City to negotiate a long-term management agreement for the property with the National Park Service, creating a new, sustainable public park on land that has been occupied by a money-losing, endangered species-killing golf course for decades.

But when the legislation went before the Mayor, he vetoed the ordinance without even meeting with the champions of this cause. We need all our supporters to contact the Mayor and chastise him for this veto, and tell him you support restoring Sharp Park. Call Mayor Ed Lee now at 415-554-6141, or scroll down and use the form below to send him an email and tell him so today!

It was obvious to all present at the Board hearing that our campaign is driven by a diverse coalition of college students, families, and long-time San Francisco residents who want to make our City sustainable for everyone. On the other side? Golf purists who’ve already taken millions from City coffers to create golf courses, and Chambers of Commerce CEO’s who want to use a bailed-out golf course to encourage more development on California’s coast.

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