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Wild Equity Institute Meets with Congresswoman Speier

Thanks to the thousands of calls, letters, and email messages sent by all of you, Congresswoman Jackie Speier met with a delegation of people working to build a better public park at Sharp Park on Monday, November 30. The Congresswoman heard our voice, but is continuing to chair behind-the-scenes meetings with the golf lobby—and without […]

Important Sharp Park Hearing December 16, 1pm San Francisco City Hall

The Government Audit and Oversight Subcommittee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s will hear a report on the Recreation and Parks Department’s fatally-flawed alternative report on the future of Sharp Park December 16, 1pm at San Francisco’s City Hall. The report has been heavily criticized by scientists, geologists, and biologists because it fails to […]

About the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is arguably the most powerful conservation law ever enacted by any nation. It is also one of the most beautiful: not because of its eloquent prose, but because it is a shining example of our Nation’s democratic principles, our humility, and our compassion for those that are least like us. Enacted […]

Endangered Species Big Year Ethical Principles

To help the GGNP’s endangered species thrive, all GGNP Endangered Species Big Year participants must follow these Ethical Principles: Be a responsible National Park visitor. Never take any animal, plant, or any other item from the Park. Keep clothes and shoes clean so you don’t inadvertently spread invasive plant seeds. Learn and respect the rules […]

Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

It may never be depicted on the cover of a major environmental groups complimentary calendar, but the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse is nevertheless a very cute little rodent. And it’s all ours: the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse exists only in the San Francisco Bay, living among the dense “pickleweed” stands in tidal and diked coastal […]

Tiburon Paintbrush

Tiburon Paintbrush is a short, shrubby perennial plant in the snapdragon family. As its name suggests, it is found on the Tiburon peninsula, but so are other species in its genus: the best way to distinguish it from its non-endangered relatives is to look for the simple, unbranched hairs and the lack of glands below […]

California Clapper Rail

The California Clapper Rail is one of three geographically isolated clapper rail subspecies in California. It is slightly larger and paler than the other two subspecies in the state—the Yuma Clapper Rail and the Light-Footed Clapper Rail—but just as close to the brink of extinction. The California Clapper Rail is a squat, short-necked, and long-legged […]