Get ready: SIGN UP to the Wild Equity website. You must be a member to participate in Wild Quest.

Set:check your inbox for the confirmation email with instructions and a link to sign up to Wild Quest.


Having trouble signing up? send us an email


Once you start your quest keep track of your progress through our website. If you see one of our highlighted endangered species go to your home page and log it. If you complete our challenge to save it, don’t forget to log it.

You will only be considered to win the $1000 award at the end if you have kept track of your work through our website

The Honor system:

At Wild Equity we want to create a just world for every living thing. When we created this competition we kept that goal in mind and endeavored to make an even playing field for all participants. We trust you to do the same:

Only log sightings and actions that you have actually performed, recently. If you saw a San Francisco garter snake three years ago, congratulations they are really hard to find, unfortunately that won’t count for this competition. Go back to the place you saw it and try again.
In the same spirit if you volunteered in the Antioch dunes Wildlife Preserve a week before Feb 22nd it won’t count towards completing your quest. All institutions taking care of wildlife,plants and, habitats are in constant need of help, so go back again!

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