The San Francisco Bay is one of the most biologically diverse places in the Nation, not surprisingly it also contains a large number of endangered species. Wild Quest is an adventure to see and save the endangered species in the Bay Area. We’ve selected 10 endangered species to highlight, their habitats or homes are all over the Bay.

See it- Make a sighting or observation by personally seeing the endangered species in its natural habitat. Photographs, museum specimens and/or specimens in zoos, aquariums, and herbariums do not count.

Save it- Perform the action that accompanies the endangered species each month. We selected them because these actions can really make a difference for each of the 10 endangered species.

We understand that getting to see an endangered animal or plant can be difficult so each individual component of the quest will still earn you points towards the yearly prize.

start earning points…

The very first time you complete a quest you will earn a grand total of 20 points, every time after that the completed quest will earn you 2 points.

Similarly the very first time you complete a sighting of one of the 10 selected endangered species you will earn 5 points and every time you complete an action to save those endangered species you will earn 10 points. Every time after that each component will be worth 1 point individually.

…and start getting rewarded

Each month we will award:

  • the first person to complete the quest for that month or
  • the person who completes the quest plus has the most additional sightings/actions that month or
  • if no one completes quest, to the person who scores the most total points that month.

The award may vary from month to month so stay tune!

The monthly awards will be based only on points accrued during that particular month; however, all points carry-over, regardless of the month the point was obtained, into the end-of-year grand prize competition

WIN in more ways than one

Every time you complete a quest you have made a huge difference in an endangered species’ fight for survival. Way to go, you’re the best. Wild Quest is a friendly competition to encourage people to continue to be the best.

All points and competitors are eligible towards the $1000 grand prize at the end of the year if the competitors complete at least 6 Quests in their entirety and accumulate the highest number of points of all competitors.

If this all seems too complicated to keep track of by yourself, don’t worry!
We have a website that will do all the work for you. All you have to do is sign up and then log on every time you complete a quest or its components.

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