We thoroughly encourage you to get outside and see the endangered species of the month. On the other hand we want you to be aware of the impact you may have if you are not careful. Before heading out the door read our Ethical Principles:

Be a responsible Park, Open Space, and Refuge visitor.

  • Never take any animal, plant, or any other item from the Park.
  • Keep clothes and shoes clean. You never know what may hitch a ride, invasive plant seeds are known to spread this way.
  • Learn and respect the rules and values of the Park, Open Space, or Refuge you are visiting.
  • Promote the protection and preservation of natural resources and values for future generations.
  • Share these ethics by word and by example.

Respect wildlife and wildlife habitats.

  • Walk and talk softly. You’ll have better luck observing animals this way.
  • Stay on trails and within designated public areas; exercise caution to avoid disturbing or modifying endangered species habitat.
  • Never feed wildlife. Allow wild animals to carry on their lives without disruption.
  • Never use calls, recordings or other intrusive methods to attract threatened or endangered species.
  • Properly dispose of trash; leave behind only footprints.
  • Leave pets at home.

Respect the rights of others.

  • Observe all laws and regulations governing roads and public areas.
  • Behave in a courteous manner that will generate goodwill for the naturalist community.
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